Solid State Microwave Source




Can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Main technical parameters:

ANM2450-100M is a compact wind-cooled 120W, 2.45GHz RF Power modular source. serving as a robust microwave power generator for medical application.

It integrates MCU, synchronization signal generator, RF Power amplifier, forward and reflect coupler, and wind cooling.

ANM2450-100M incorporates a 2.4-2.5 GHz synthesizer, switch, and variable-gain output amplifier, enable to generate variable output RF power according to your requirement.

By using new generation technology and high efficiency devices, ANM2450-100M generate stable RF power with highest efficiency, allow low noise cooling fan to be used to make system noise as small as possible.

Followed amplifier stages, higher performance coupler is designed for accurate forward and reflected power measurement.

With high power isolator at the end of line-up, allowed module can be used in tough environment.

ANM2450-100M includes a microcontroller responsible for sub-system control, real-time measurement of forward and reflected power, temperature monitoring, status reporting and communication with master system.